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Bahrain, being one of the most developed nations has been an abode of new age entrepreneurship and business . It has become a global epicenter with increasing opportunities in the field of engineering, aviation , tourism etc. However, there are lots of requirements that needs to be fulfilled before starting a business in Bahrain.

How to get started in your entrepreneurial journey?

In order to get started in your entrepreneurial journey, it is absolutely necessary to acquire the appropriate knowledge regarding the legal and documentation process. Some of the steps that are used to initiate the setup of a business are as follows

  • Preparation of the list of the essential documents that are necessary in order to set up a business
  • Getting an insight knowledge and idea about the market and the general preferences as well as requirements of the clients.

How to procure legal approval for the documents?

Some of the important factors that needs to be legally approved before the setting up of a business are as follows

  • Name of the Company
  • The number of shareholders in the company
  • The Business Structure

After the approval of the above mentioned factors, the Company receives a Commercial Registration Certificate. The certificate approves the company for operation in Kingdom of Bahrain.

After approval of certificate, other important factors can be considered such as

  • Opening a Company Bank Account
  • Renting of an Office space
  • Employing Bahraini employees

getting set up your business


Procurement of Final Approval

There are a number of steps that will lead up to the procurement of final license. Some of the steps includes

  • Getting an approval from various departments such pollution control board, water authority for their approval for the project.
  • A amount should be paid for obtaining the permit license.
  • Notarising the company under the name under the Articles of association /Memorandum of association.
  • A paid up capital must be deposited for the final registration.


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