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Company Formation Services in Saudi Arabia

Are you an investor looking to start your business in Saudi Arabia? Learn the effective ways to form a company in Saudi Arabia and the requirements.

  • We help you to find the most suitable partner for your business
  • Assists you to register your company
  • Our team completes all the paperwork and formalities for starting a business in Saudi Arabia
  • We help you to register your company for taxes and necessary licenses

Get to know the effective ways to register your business through simple steps. Go through the wide-ranging services we offer for the benefit of your business.
It is vital to seek expert advice and representation from the reputed agency. This would save your time, efforts and money too.

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Company Formation Steps in Saudi Arabia

Finding a Partner:

Your business needs support or sponsorship from a local individual or company to start the operations. We help you to find the most appropriate sponsor or partner as per the nature of business and motives.

Business Set-up:

Assist you with all the procedures for company formation in Saudi Arabia in a professional manner. Our executives work on your behalf to acquire Distributorship Agreement, Government Contract, License from SAGIA and establishing your office.

License Registration:

We help you to register a new company as per the corporate laws in Saudi Arabia. We suggest the most suitable legal framework for your company as per your business motives, capital investment and activities proposed. We ensure timely completion of tax and license registration to let you start your business operations in Saudi Arabia at the scheduled time.

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Legal Structures of the Company

The corporate laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia allow the following legal structures:

General Partnership & Limited Partnership Company:

The Limited Partnership has minimum one general partner liable for the personal assets. This legal framework can be called as a group of company.

Partnership Limited by Shares:

At least one general partner and four limited partners can form this type of company. The limited partners can have shares of equal value.

Limited Share Partnership Company:

Two or more partners with a liability to the extent of their capital share can form this type of company. This is not a suitable structure for the financial sector. The company would be liable to conduct audits, file tax returns and accounts and hold an Annual General Meeting.

Variable Capital Company

The interested investors can enter into a Memorandum to form this type of business. They can increase the contributions or introduce more associates. Similarly, the associates may withdraw or minimize their investments.

Joint Stock Company

Minimum five investors, with a liability to their financial capital share can form this type of company. Such company might be integrated through the issuance of a Royal decree or acceptance of the Reverend of Industry.

Cooperative Company

A Co-operative company can be an integration of a Joint Stock Company or an LLC. The company can do so to achieve better quality, cost reduction and some other motives. The investors can have shares of equal value.