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Assistance For True Copy Attestation

Notary attestation in Bahrain is done for personal documents like birth certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate,etc. Get to know about various procedures for document attestation, effective ways to get Certified True Copy Notary attested according to the regulations in Bahrain. Learn the easy and effective ways to deal with your Assistance For True Copy Attestation requirements.

  • We assist you with True Copy Attestation of your documents and certificates through the comprehensive set of Notary Services in Bahrain
  • We help you with the paperwork related to document witness certification conveniently in various countries
  • Have a worldwide network of offices and business associates for legalization of your documents and certificates in various countries


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Our team of professionals guides you about when a document needs legal authentication. There are various methods to get a document legally approved, such as Attestation, Legalization Verification and Witness Authentication. Authentication of your various documents through a True Copy Certificate can play an important role in immigration to various countries. Our team will help you in this process. We have a vast experience of more than two decades for proper legal positioning of any important document.

Helpline Group is a government approved agency with ISO 9001-2008 certification

Notary Attestation Services

Bahrain follows a unique set of regulations and requirements for notary attestation of your documents. Our native team of experts would be always at your service, to get the Notary Attestation in Bahrain done on your behalf. For True Copy Certification, the applicant needs to sign in front of a certified notary, in order to testify the subsequent document under oath, that the details on the documents are utmost true. The certified notary or lawyer put a sign and seal on the document, for his confirmation.
The notary or lawyer is authorized by the government for true copy attestation of the documents. The rule of the notary is to verify the applicant and witness the knowledge of the applicant regarding the facts and figures mentioned in the document. Thus, the Notary Attestation in Bahrain helps the State Government to avoid frauds. The procedures for true copy attestation and true copy certification may differ in various countries.
We possess a wide-spread network of offices and business associates globally, including the GCC Nations, Canada, UK & India.

Notary attestation in Bahrain can be easy with Helpline Group. We are fast and excellent to offer verification services to everyone in Bahrain. Contact us to know more.

Our clients can get their various certificates, witness certified at our branch office; including their Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, School Transfer Certificate, Educational Certificates, Experience Certificates, various commercial documents and important documents related to export-import. We can help you with the procedure and accomplish the process of certificate attestation in a minimal duration, and at the most competitive pricing.

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