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Company Formation Services in Qatar

Planning to start your own company in Qatar? Understand the most effective ways for Company Formation in Qatar, and various types of legal structures of a company.

  • We deploy a team of professionals for Company Registration in Qatar.
  • Assist you to find the most appropriate local sponsor or partner for your business.
  • Our team assists you to complete the procedures for your business set-up
  • We also help you for tax registration and acquiring licenses

Learn easy steps to set up a business or company in Qatar and the wide-ranging services.

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Qatar is among the fastest growing economies that have amended the policies to encourage foreign investments in the sectors other than oil and gas. The foreign investors are invited to launch their ventures in various sectors such as Agricultural products, Infrastructure development, Healthcare, Education, Tourism and much more.

Presence in the corporate sector for over two decades now, we ensure prompt and timely company formation services abiding to the local corporate laws and overcoming challenges on regional, national and global levels.

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Company Formation Steps in Qatar

The foreign investors are encouraged to set up their businesses in Qatar. Being uninterested entrepreneurs or investors, you would be supposed to follow the following steps for starting a business in Qatar.

Finding a Partner:

It is vital to seek support from a Qatari individual or company to act as your local sponsor or partner. We play a crucial role in finding the most suitable local person or company as a sponsor or partner for your business in Qatar.

Business Set-up:

As per the nature and volume of your business, our team of professionals would promptly assist you for setting up a company.

License Registration:

Depending upon your business goals, the legal structure you choose to operate your business and the proposed activities of your company, our team will assist you to acquire necessary licenses.

Virtual, Flexi &Smart Office:

Most of the techno-savvy entrepreneurs in the modern era prefer to operate their business remotely. The technology driven communication tools have made it practically possible. Meanwhile, it is essential to register your virtual workplace with the government authorities.

Trade License & Chamber Of Commerce:

Our experienced team is well versed with all the paperwork to acquire a Trade License, find a suitable place for your office and warehouse, and complete the registration process. We also assist you to affiliate with Chamber of Commerce in Qatar and renew the subscription well in time.

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Legal Structures of the Company

The foreign investors can choose from various legal frameworks to run their business in Qatar. This is an important step as the nature of your company needs to be selected wisely.

Limited Liability Company:

This is the most common type of company that you can form in Qatar. The minimum capital share of a Qatari entity needs to be not less than 51%. Except commercial Agencies and real estate, an LLC can operate in different sectors.

Foreign Company Branches:

Foreign companies can enter into an agreement to engage in public service or utility, in order to form a foreign company branch in Qatar. The nature of business activities would be restricted to the contract.

Commercial Agencies:

An Overseas Parent company can appoint an agent to sell products in Qatar. The agent can be an individual or a Qatar company as well.

Representative Offices:

The foreign companies can start representative offices in Qatar, promoting the services and products of the parent company to the local corporate sector and the public. Decision of Ministry of Business and trade, in the year 2006, has facilitated this type of formation.

General Partnership Company:

Two or more individuals form an agreement to attain their business goals; General Partnership Company can be formed.

Limited Share Partnership Company:

One or more joint partner and a minimum of four trustee shareholders can form this type of company. A minimum capital investment of QR 1,000,000 is required for this type of formation.

Holding Company:

This type of company can invest in other ventures, and gain managerial powers by exceeding 51% of shares. A Holding Company can invest in different sectors. A capital investment of QR 10 million is essential to form this type of company.

Public Shareholding Company:
This is also known as a Joint Stock Company, and the corporate laws in Qatar allow two basic types of such companies:
1) Public shareholding company – open,
2) Private or closed public shareholding company.
Joint Venture:

Two or more individuals collaborate for a project in Qatar forming a joint venture. This type of company doesn’t enjoy the status of a legal entity in Qatar.

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