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Company Formation Services in U.A.E

Get to know the most effective ways for UAE Company Formation, the requirements to start a business and legal structures of companies.

  • We assist you to find the most suitable local sponsor or partner for your business in UAE
  • Promptly registers your company
  • We help you to complete the requirements for your business set-up
  • Our team helps you to complete tax registration and acquire necessary licenses

Learn the easy steps for starting a business in UAE and our comprehensive set of services that help your businesses in all respects.

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The United Arab Emirates is a federation of 7 emirates with its capital situated in Abu Dhabi. This is among the fastest growing economies in the Middle East region due to the strategically vital location. The traders from China, India & Latin America use this market for dealing with the other parts of the world. So, UAE is one of the most preferred trading hubs.

Have deployed a team of talented professionals for company formation in UAE for more than last two decades. Being a reputed name in the corporate sector, we ensure timely completion of paperwork and procedures as per the corporate law in the country, at the most competitive prices.

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Company Formation Steps in the UAE

Finding A Partner

Support or sponsorship of a UAE citizen is essential to start your business operations in the country. Assists you to find the most suitable local sponsor or partner for your business.

Initial Approval

It is necessary to submit the proposal for your company formation and get the initial approvals from the concerned government departments. The authorities check with the nature of the proposed business and location and approve the formation.

Office – Warehouse

It is important to specify the place of your business operations. We would help you to find a proper place for your business as per your requirements, and get the office and warehouse registered as per the local law.

MOL & DNRD Registration

Assists you to open an account with the Ministry of Labour as an owner of the company and furnish the details online. Similarly, the companies employing more than 100 employees can get registered with DNRD online for Visa and Work Permit of the employees.

Trade License

We also help you to get the Industrial License. You can discuss the requirement with the team for setting up a business in the Free Zone and other possibilities.

Chamber of Commerce

Affiliation with the Chamber of Commerce through a periodical subscription, and its timely renewal are vital tasks.

License and tax registration:

Depending upon the nature of your business, we can assist you to register a company as per the regulations. We will also acquire additional licenses, approvals and tax registration as applicable.
The government encourages foreign investments in diversified sectors apart from oil & gas. The growing sectors in the UAE include air travel, tourism, international trade and non-conventional energy resources. There are 35 Free Zone areas across UAE. The investors can avail 100% foreign ownership and tax-free business as well.

Promise on Quality and Reliability

Legal Structures of the Company

It is vital to take a decision regarding the legal structure before initiating the formation procedure. An expert advice in this regard, based on your business goals, business activities proposed, capital investment and possibilities of public subscription would be provided.Below mentioned are the following Legal Business Structures allowed in the UAE:

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

This is the simplest form of a business. Different types of LLCs can be formed as per your business motives.

Branch Office

Foreign companies can form a branch in UAE following some rules and restrictions regarding the business operations. This type of a company offers a great expansion opportunity for the existing foreign companies.

Commercial Agencies

A qualified and suitable native person or a fully owned UAE based company can be appointed as a commercial agency to promote the business of the parent company.

Representative Trade Agency

The foreign companies can form RTA to retain complete control, however, cannot engage in any profit making activity. They can indulge in promotion and marketing of the products and services of the parent foreign company

General Partnership Company

Two or more partners enter into an agreement to form this type of company, which is also known as Joint Liability Company.

Limited Share Partnership Company

Limited Partners liable for their investments and General Partners liable for full assets can form this type of company. The General Partners carry out the routine decision making and management activities.

Holding Company

The investors interested to invest in the subsidiaries and gain control over their management through a minimum of 50% of capital share from this type of company.

Public Share Holding Company

The larger business ideas with public subscription possibilities can form this type of business in UAE for huge investments for huge projects. They can trade the shares in the national stock exchange.

Joint Venture

Two or more parties enter into an agreement to work for common objectives. The parties need to have a UAE license to collaborate. The company doesn’t enjoy the status of a separate legal entity.

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