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Company Formation Services in Kuwait

Would you like to start your business in Kuwait? Being a foreign investor you require expert guidance and representation at every stage of your business. Learn the effective ways for company formation in Kuwait, legal frameworks allowed and the procedural requirements.

  • We assists you to register your company in Kuwait
  • We find the right sponsor or partner for your business
  • Our team of professionals would work on your behalf to complete the procedures for your business set-up
  • Also assists you to register your company for taxes and get the necessary licenses.

Get to know the effective ways to form your company in Kuwait through some easy steps.

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Kuwait is an important country in the Middle East Region with Arabic being its official language. The Kuwaiti Dinar is among the most respected currencies globally. The foreign investors are attracted to start their ventures in Kuwait due to the economic benefits. Apart from Oil & Gas sector the government encourages direct investment in Agriculture products, Real Estate, Financial sector and Tourism as well.

Our prompt, time-saving and transparent company formation services help you to start your business operations in Kuwait as per your schedule. You can save your valuable time, energy and finances by assigning the task to our team of talented and experienced native executives.

Finding A Partner

For most of the legal structures of companies operating in Kuwait, it is mandatory to get support from local sponsor of partner.

Business Set-Up

A team of professionals are availed that understands your business motives and suggests the right legal structure of company for your business. Moreover, our team represents you to complete the necessary procedures for your business setup in Kuwait.

License Registration

We offer the most trustworthy and faster company registration services in Kuwait. We help you to acquire necessary licenses for your business, approvals from local, regional and national authorities and subscription for Chamber of Commerce in Kuwait as well.

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Legal Structures of the Company

The foreign investors can set up their business in Kuwait, according to the Corporate Law in the country. It is necessary to choose the right legal structure as per the nature of business, the capital investment another business motives.
These are the legal structures that are allowed for the companies formed in Kuwait:

Limited Liability Company (LLC):

Two directors and two shareholders, along with local partner with a minimum capital share of 51% can form an LLC. With the approval from Kuwait Direct Investment Promotion Authority (KDIPA), the investors can enjoy 100% ownership. An LLC is not allowed to indulge in insurance, investment and banking sectors.

Branch Office:

The foreign companies, especially in financial engineering sectors can open their branch office. The parent company needs to be operating in GCC countries, or should be owned by citizens of any of the GCC countries. The other business owners need to get a special approval from Kuwait Direct Investment promotion Authority (KDIPA).

Commercial Agency:

As per Law No. 36 of 1964, the foreign companies can set up a commercial agency to promote the business and services of the parent company. The commercial agent can be an individual or a company from Kuwait.

Representative Trade Office:

Foreign companies can register representative trade office in order to promote their services in Kuwait. This type of formation is not supposed to indulge in profit-making activities.

General Partnership Company:

A minimum of two directors on the board or promoters can form a General Partnership Company. In this formation the liability of the partners extends to their personal wealth. The company needs to have a unique name and is not recommended for Banking, Insurance and Financial activities.

Limited Share Partnership Company:

Two or more partners along with the local citizen can form this type of company through an agreement or memorandum of association. The roles and responsibilities and share in the profit or loss are defined in the agreement.

Holding Company:

As per the articles 274 to 280 of Kuwait companies law, holding company for acquiring shares and stakes in the Kuwaiti or foreign companies. The holding company can gain managerial control on the subsidiaries by getting more than 51% of shares.

Public Shareholding Company:

The businesses interested in larger projects through third party Investments can register a Public Shareholding Company. At least three members on the board of directors are required, and the approval from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry is mandatory.

Joint Venture:

Two or more individuals can enter into an agreement to work together for a common business objective. The joint venture doesn’t enjoy the status of a legal entity in Kuwait. It can be dissolved after completion of the motive, period of agreement or any other legal circumstances.