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Certificate Attestation for Saudi

Saudi Arabia is a desert country surrounded by most of the Arabian Peninsula, with Red Sea and Persian Gulf coastlines. It is the birthplace of Islam. Saudi Arabia is the largest country in the Arabian Peninsula.

Embassy Attestation is carried out in non-Apostles confirms the case and is mandatory for those countries, which are not enrolled with the Convention list. Similarly, Saudi Arabia needs compulsory Saudi Embassy Attestation. All Educational Degrees, which are preconceived to be used in Saudi, which firstly, requires HRD Attestation for Saudi, KSA from Respective Education Department and also from Minister of External Affairs (MEA) Attestation and in the last mainly requires Saudi Embassy Degree Attestation.

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Saudi Certificate Attestation is extremely important to verify and authenticate educational documents, personal documents, commercial documents before the responsible authorities. The attestation of the documents acts as validates the authenticity of the certificate and authorizes the person required permission for seeking a job or starting a business.


The attestation process in Saudi Arabia is quite a complex process with different layers of documentation process involved. Some of the steps involved

  • The Notary in Saudi Arabia is used to attest the document for official uses. The two types of Notary are District Notary and State Notary attestation. The Notary after the attestation process forwards the document to the Home Department.
  • In the case of educational certificates, the certificates must get attested from the state authority. This is mandatory in obtaining the Saudi Embassy Legalisation.
  • The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) should get its documents attested before submitting it to the Embassy. This helps in a thorough background check of the person.

State Attestation

Attestation from respective state authority is the requirement in the initial stage of general attestation. State attestation is the very basic attestation and here the attestation has to be generated from the state and the documents have been issued. Respective state authorized body verifies the documents or certificates.

MEA Attestation

MEA attestation is done after the state has confirmed the document. MEA attest the documents and verifies its authenticity is to be used in Saudi Arabia or for any global purpose. This is the second stage of general attestation.

Culture Attestation

The cultural division of The Embassy of Saudi Arabia in case of Educational documents handles cultural attestation. The cultural attestation is done after the MEA has certified the particular educational document. In Cultural Attestation, the cultural division of the Embassy of Saudi Arabia confirms the authenticity of the specific educational document from the particular university itself.

Embassy Attestation

After the attestation from state and MEA is completed and cultural, attestation is done in case of educational documents, the documents proceeds for Saudi Arabia Attestation. Here the Embassy legalizes the documents and authenticates it to be used in Saudi Arabia.

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Saudi Certificate Attestation Procedures

Educational degree certificate Attestation

Attestation by state education department (HRD) of respective state plus Attestation from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) plus attestation from Saudi Culture plus Attestation by the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia.

Non-Educational certificate Attestation

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