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Certificate Attestation for Italy

Italy is one of the premier global destinations in the world known for its vibrant economy and tourism. The country plays an important role in enhancing regional and global economic welfare. It is therefore important to get your legal documents or certificates attested before a governing authority. It gives consent for the person before starting any sort of commercial or legal activity in Italy.

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Certificate Attestation Services


Personal Certificate

Personal document is a procedure that is performed mainly to attest personal documents. Hence, this is the process of verification of personal documents for Italy. This type of legalization requires verification of the documents for achieving a residential visa mostly and sometimes in the procedure for a student to work for visa purposes.

Educational Certificate

In Italy educational certificates issued to those students only after the successful execution of their study.

  • This certification is needed to work in most of the designation
  • Ministry Of Health and Department Of Health examinations are having entry exam for medical practitioners who plan to work in abroad, but to attend it every candidate must take educational document recognition.
  • Higher education is the other goal of this documentation.
  • This certification is also used for obtaining equivalent certificates.

Non –Educational Certificate

  • Legalization of non-educational document such as marriage or migration certificate will assists in obtaining a family visa and residence visa.
  • Birth Certificate attestation is needed for achieving school admission purposes of minor persons.
  • Every reputed organization requires experience documentation form candidate before granting job.

Commercial Document

It includes those legal documents, which hold commercial information.

  • Power of Attorney is a legal letter need to be attested for job purposes.
  • Commercial documentation is also needed for open a bank account.
  • Certificate of incorporation a license from the government to register or to open a new company in a foreign abroad.

Once getting the legalization then certificates become reachable anywhere in the destination country. Procedure will help to attain the embassy confirmation easily without other legal complication. Attestation is the basic factor behind every international communication. This procedure assists the destination official to restrict the use of unattested outside. With this, above-mentioned certificates in another country should recognize these documents from the concerned authority. These recognitions are commonly called Attestation. Attestation will increase the reliability of Italian Certificate.




Italy being a member of the Hague Convention has an apostille legalization process where the document must be certified by the diplomatic or consular delegation. This process is known as the Apostille Legalisation process.

  • Process of Attestation varies from each state, embassy depends upon the documents and of course where to wish to use the certificate.
  • There are many ways to attest documents from Italy are its chain process. The control is mainly focused on Ministry Of Foreign Affairs attestation i.e. done locally. However, to get that all the other attestation is required.

Steps involved in Attestation

  • Translation of documents in Court
  • Prosecutors office
  • Embassy attestation
  • Ministry of Foreign Affair

The process and duration of attestation usually varies from time to time which depends upon the rules are set in Italy.


An Apostille is an International signature that denotes validity as well as approval of a legal certificate or document. The Apostille Legalisation validates the document for use in other nations. It is therefore mandatory for persons migrating to a foreign to undertake Apostille legalization of their locally issued certificate.


If you wish to use your certificate in a nation, which is not a member of the Hague Convention, then a consular or embassy attestation is necessary.

The Embassy Legalisation process helps to verify the document and also enables a sense of authority while migrating to a foreign nation.


Helpline Group provides the necessary guidance as well as assistance regarding the Apostille Legalization process and facilitates easy verification of documents for migrating persons. It has a professional and hardworking staff that helps the person to complete their Apostille Legalisation on time and in a hassle-free manner. Helpline Group has been able to create a niche for itself due to its continuous hard work and dedication.

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