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Facts that you should know about legal translation services

The term ‘legal translation’ means translation service of the documents and concepts, which are either legal or somehow related to the law. Very well trained translators with special skill sets are needed in this profession.

We are blessed with an extremely diligent and efficient team that has been at the forefront in delivering efficient services in legal translations for over 20 years. Also, Helpline Group has established branches in different parts of the world which has helped us to fulfil the demands and queries of the clients in a better way. We strive and ensure to provide efficient legal translation services within a fixed budget and helps them to settle down in their professional career.

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Duties of legal translators:

  • Legal translators should have the knowledge of all the legal terms and phrases in at least two languages and must understand their accurate meaning. That’s why only those translators should be hired who know 100% legal translations.
  • Legal translators should give the exact information which is in the source document and only perfectly skilled and experienced translators can efficiently do that.
  • Sometimes court cases also need legal translators for their proceedings. Professional and expert translators are required in this field for witness statement translation, contracts and other agreement translation etc.
  • Legal translators often have to do the translation of the real estate documents. People who buy home in foreign countries or try to do paperwork for purchasing property in abroad, not speaking their local language can be tough to do the transaction. A multilingual translator can easily solve their problem.

Types of legal translation services:

There are many areas which are in desperate need of legal translation services. Those are listed as below…

  • Will translation
  • Deed translation
  • Affidavits translation
  • Summons translation
  • Litigation document translation
  • Patent and trademark filing translation
  • Witness deposition or statement translation
  • Legal marketing translation
  • Legal certificate translation
  • Immigration document translation
  • Legal disclaimers translation
  • License translation
  • Articles of incorporation translation
  • Government and legal ruling reports translation
  • Letters of credit translation
  • Arbitration translation
  • Correspondence translation
  • Foreign legal text translation
  • Confidentiality agreement translation etc.

Helpline Group Legal Translation Services

Middle East Legal Translation Services:

Middle East mainly consists of some countries like Turkey, Western Asia, and Egypt etc. The largest country of Middle East is Saudi Arabia and the smallest is Bahrain. These days U.A.E. has become one of the biggest establishments to give high quality legal translation services to the business industrialists and government personnel.


Middle East legal translation services provide variety of services to the customers. Such as:

  1. Legal translation
  2. Bylaws translation
  3. Books translation
  4. Literary translation
  5. Proofreading
  6. Arabic to English translation
  7. Interpretation
  8. Commercial translation
  9. Engineering translation
  10. Localization
  1. Medical translation
  2. Financial translation
  3. Website translation
  4. English to Arabic translation
  5. Government Document translation
  6. Memorandum of Association
  7. Media Content translation
  8. Researches and studies translation
  9. Promotional Materials translation
  10. Simultaneous translation etc.

Middle East is quickly becoming popular for their legal translation services. They are building faith and trust with their unique content; professional and accurate translation. And the best part about these services is that the service providers are trying their best to please the clients and customers.

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Helpline Group has been a leading provider of legal translation services and has initiated clients in getting their personal, educational documents translated within a reasonable cost.