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PRO/Mandoob Services in Oman

Are you looking for a reputed agency for your PRO requirements? We offer the most effective and affordable PRO Services in Oman.

  • You can avail PRO Services for paperwork related to various government departments. We also offer attestation and translation of documents
  • We possess an effective network of talented professionals and clientele in Oman

Get to know the diversified Oman PRO Services we offer. Understand how your business can get the benefits from our services.

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The Best PRO/Mandoob Service in Oman

If you are looking for established and reputed agency providing PRO services Oman? We have a team of most experienced local Public Relation Officers. The talented professionals are familiar with the procedures and local laws. We offer a wide range of Oman Mandoob services to the expatriates and also the corporate giants in Oman.

We offer PRO Services both for the expatriates and corporate clients:

PRO or Mandoob Service in Oman for expatriates:

Do you wish to take your spouse and kids to Oman to live with you? We assist you with acquiring their Visas and various other paperwork services. The major activities, for which our PRO Services can be utilized, are given below:

  • Health Certificate from the Medical Commission
  • Fingerprinting services for biometric verification
  • Drafting, typing, translation and attestation of Legal Contracts
  • Immigration Services
  • Family Visa, Visit Visa or Work Visa for your family members and its timely renewal
  • Acquiring Visa for your housemaids, nanny, gardener
  • Changes in the Visa for your domestic labour
  • Obtaining Residence Permit in Oman and its timely renewal

PRO or Mandoob Services in Oman for corporate clients:

A team of the most talented and experienced PROs in Oman are well versed and motivated to perform a wide range of paperwork services on your behalf. We offer discounted annual corporate plan for our esteemed corporate clients in Oman.
These are some of our featured PRO Services in Oman offered for the corporate clients:

  • Paperwork for Company Formation
  • Registration of your company, Trademark, Brand, Copyright and Patent
  • Chamber of Commerce Subscription and its timely renewal
  • Renewal of Commercial Documents and Municipal approvals
  • Alterations in the details on the official company documents and attestation
  • Change in the name of a partner, appointing a manager, changes in the capital amount, Memorandum of Association or Partnership Deed
  • Typing, Translation & Attestation of Legal Company Documents
  • Recruiting staff for your company
  • Framing Labour Contract and its timely renewal
  • Acquiring Visa and Work Permit for the employees sponsored by your company
  • Traffic-related services such as passing truck, parking license and vehicle ownership transfer.
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