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PRO Services in Kuwait

Are you looking for Public Relation Officers for your individual or business needs? We offer diversified PRO Services in Kuwait.

  • We offer PRO Services for paperwork, legal, foreign affairs, attestation & translation tasks
  • We have an effective network of PROs and clientele in Kuwait

Let us go through Kuwait Mandoob services we offer. Your businesses can make effective use of our PRO Services for sure.

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The Best PRO/Mandoob Service in Kuwait

We are offering Kuwait PRO Services since more than two decades. We pioneer in PRO provisions for your diversified business requirements. These tasks include legal documentation, labour, economic and foreign affairs department tasks. There are thousands of satisfied clients that have enjoyed and admired our services. We are emerging as the one stop solution for all your PRO needs.

Our PRO / Mandoob services are available for expatriates and corporate clients as well.

PRO/Mandoob Services in Kuwait for expatriates:

Our team of expert PROs on Kuwait executes wide-ranging Mandoob services in Kuwait. The team is well versed in providing various services. They strictly follow the local laws and procedures for liaison activities. This ensures timely completion of the assigned tasks by you.

Here are major PRO Services offered for expatriates in Kuwait:

  • Health Certificate & Fingerprinting
  • Attestation of documents
  • Translation of documents in desired target languages including Arabic
  • Work or Visit Visa and its timely renewal
  • Residence Permit & Work Permit and its timely renewal
  • Visa for your housemaids
  • Visa Stamping Assistance
  • Alterations in Visa details

PRO/Mandoob Services in Kuwait for corporate client:

We have deployed the best team of PROs to handle the crucial paperwork. These tasks relate to various government departments. Your company may need approvals from Municipal Corporations. We carry out the allied work like drafting legal documents and Labour Contracts. This team completes your paperwork and gets necessary approvals, licenses and subscriptions. Thus, we save your time, money and efforts too. Our corporate clients can get the discounted annual or term based corporate plans.

These are some of the important PRO / Mandoob Services we offer in Kuwait:

  • Issuance / Amendment / Renewal of Commercial Registration
  • Issuance / Amendment / Renewal of Municipality License
  • Adding or cancelling any commercial activity
  • Adding or removing partners in the CR
  • Processing documents in Labor / Immigration / Economic and other government departments
  • Issuance / Renewal of WLL License
  • Assistance for Trademark / Production Registration
  • Changing Trade Name / Appointment of Manager
  • Assistance for Company Classification services
  • Assistance for ICV Certifications
  • Assistance for government and semi government works
  • Issuing Visa & Work Permit for your company’s sponsored employers
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Do you need additional information about any of our services? Please express your concerns leaving a message on your left. Otherwise, you can get in touch with our team using the following numbers. Our team is also accessible through WhatsApp.