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Classification Certificate in Bahrain

The Company Classification Certificate in Bahrain is a valid document that is produced before the governing authorities in order to classify the company in accordance with the needs and requirements of the clients. Company Classification Certificate in Bahrain helps various businesses to plan their business and commercial activities in a phased manner which ensures all round growth and development of the firm.


Are you looking for an appropriate agency to get your company classification certificate in Bahrain? We offer complete guidance regarding the company classification certification in Bahrain. We have an efficient and dynamic team that has been at the forefront in delivering in detail services within a feasible budget. Our staff has years of experience behind them which makes it easier to facilitate the necessary requirement and ensures that clients do not face any unwanted issues.

Helpline Group has peerless experience and expertise in helping the expatriate community secure apostille certificates for their personal as well as non-personal documents. Our executives invest their time and effort in making the apostille authentication procedure fast, secured and smooth.

Company Classification Certificate in Bahrain procedures are not simple, we at Helpline Group are always there to help you out in your venture. government allows foreign ownership and there is no corporate tax. You will also get outstanding connectivity facilities and the best infrastructure. The visa norms in Bahrain are also not that strict. Company Classification Certificate in Bahrain can be a gruesome process that consists of lots and lots of paperwork and procedures. 


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It is a process that is issued by the Kingdom of Bahrain for all the business transactions in a standardized form termed as ‘Company Classification’. The Company classification certificate devises a method to classify the small and medium enterprises accordingly.



  • The SME Registration is a setup established to promote small and medium startups in the Kingdom of Bahrain .
  • The system also allows the classification of Small ,Medium and Micro enterprises depending upon it’s size and capacity.
  • The application has to be submitted via website of Ministry of Industry Commerce and Tourism (MOCIT).
  • Once the application is approved , a classification certificate is issued by MOCIT.


This setup intends to encourage new-age entrepreneurial ideas as well as modern-day startups that facilitate innovation as well as skills in the minds of the young generation. These enterprises intend to create a lot of opportunities for the people and also intend to increase the GDP of the nation with it’s functioning.




Helpline Group intends to help the modern-day businessman as well as entrepreneurs by helping them to carry out their documentation as well as other legal processes. It has an experienced set of staff that facilitates better functioning as well as enables the person to get their documents processed within a short time. Complex documents like Classification certificates have been processed by the staff in a very short period time thereby meeting the demands as well as the requirements of the clients.

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