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Company Formation Services in Oman

Are you interested to start your business in Oman? We would assist you at every step to form your business in Oman. Learn the easy and effective ways for company formation in Oman, the requirements for the procedure and various legal structures.

  • Have a team of professional executives, who will guide you to register a company
  • We assist you to find the suitable partner for your business in Oman
  • Our experienced team helps you to attain all necessary requirements for your business set-up
  • We also register your company for different taxes and acquire necessary licenses

Get to know how to register your business or company in Oman through some simple steps. Also go through the list of comprehensive set of services we offer.

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Oman holds strategically important location at the beginning point of the Persian Gulf. The country’s economy was majorly dependent on Oil exploration. However, realizing the limitations of oil exports, the government encourages foreign direct investment in various other sectors such as Agricultural Products such as dates and lime and Tourism Development.

With an extensive professional experience of over two decades, we have developed an efficient and effective network of professionals and business allies across Oman. Our comprehensive company formation services would prove very helpful to set-up your business in Oman.

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Company Formation Steps in Oman

Finding A Partner

For most of the legal structures of companies allowed in Oman, it is vital to take help from local Omani individual or company to act as your sponsor or partner.

Business Set-Up

We would assist you to complete all the formalities for fulfilling the necessary requirements for your company formation in Oman. Our executives are well versed with the procedures, possible challenges and technicalities in the local Corporate Law.

License Registration

We provide company registration services including registering your company for various applicable taxes; and also acquiring necessary additional licenses. This would help you to begin your business operations in Oman at the scheduled time.

Promise on Quality and Reliability

Legal Structures of the Company

As per the Foreign Business and Investment Law of 1974, the Government of Oman allows different legal structures for the companies. Assists you to choose the right legal structure as per your nature of business, capital investment and other motives.

Limited Liability Company (LLC):

This is a simple form of a company that can be established through a capital amount divided in equal shares. This is suitable for a small business in Oman. Registration under the Commercial Register with the ministry of Commerce and industry and affiliated with Chamber of Commerce is essential for this formation.

Branch Office:

The foreign investors can set up a Branch Office in Oman by entering into a contract with a government or government controlled organization. A local partner is not required. The parent company can enjoy 100% ownership after branch office.

Commercial Agency:

The foreign entities can operate Commercial Agency in Oman through an agreement with a person, merchant or company in Oman. Such agency needs to be registered with the ministry of Commerce and industry inoculated with the Chamber of Commerce in Oman.

Representative Trade Office:

Foreign companies constructive RTO as per the representative office regulatory law. They can produce goods and render services contract with the government. The representative trade office can only promote the product and services of the parent company.

General Partnership Company:

Two or more partners can form an agreement and register the general partnership company under commercial register. These partners would be liable for the business obligations to the extent of their personal wealth.

Limited Partnership Company:

Two types of partners are involved in this type of formation:

  • The general partners involved in managerial activities and liable to the extent of their personal wealth
  • The Limited partners that is liable to the extent of the capital investment.
Holding Company:

This can be an LLC or a joint stock company bearing administrative and financial control over one or more subsidiaries. These companies invest in different ventures and gain control over them by investing for more than 51% of shares.

Shareholding Company or Joint Stock Company:

This type of company can be formed through the investments in equal number of shares of not less than RO 1. The minimum capital required for the closed joint stock company would be RO 500,000. For general joint stock company offering public subscription through shares, the minimum capital requirement is RO 2 million.

Joint Ventures:

Two or more individuals or companies can form a joint venture to attain a common business goal. This type of company doesn’t enjoy the status of a legal entity in Oman.