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Company Formation | Business Setup in Bahrain

Business setup in Bahrain. Are you an investor or entrepreneur planning for company formation in Bahrain? Let us discuss the most effective methods to start your business, various legal structures, requirements and procedure to form a company formation in Bahrain.

  • Helpline Group assists you to register your company as per the specified process
  • Our team in Bahrain helps you to find the most appropriate partner or sponsor for setting up a company in bahrain.
  • We guide you through the entire process of business setup in bahrain fulfilling the set of requirements
  • Our executives help you to register your company for applicable taxes and acquire necessary licenses

Learn the easy steps to register your company/business in Bahrain or to business setup in bahrain. How our comprehensive service portfolio can be beneficial for your business for setting up a company in bahrain.

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Company Formation Services in the Middle East

Helpline Group has proven to be one of the best agencies across the globe with unique services. And complete guidance in Business Setup in Bahrain services related to company formation. We wholeheartedly welcome the aspirations of business setup in bahrain and the services of the clients.

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Business Setup in Bahrain

A group of islands in the Persian Gulf, near Saudi Arabia and Qatar, forms the Kingdom of Bahrain. Bahrain has remained a rich country for many decades as oil extraction and export has been the pillar of the national economy. The country attracts entrepreneurs and investors in the oil and refinery sector. The Other booming sectors in the country include petrochemical industry, shipbuilding and maintenance and refining of aluminium. His Highness King Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa leads the unitary parliamentary constitutional system in the country. The political stability and encouragement for foreign investments in various sectors by the government have brought tremendous business potential.

Due to the financial and commercial significance held by Bahrain, there is a lot of potential for Business Development in various sectors in the country. Helpline Group have business setup in bahrain services for your strategic partner in every step to set-up your business in Bahrain. The team of talented and experienced native professionals helps you to register your company, obtain necessary licenses, and guides you to understand and execute taxation related matters.

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Business setup|Company Formation Steps in Bahrain:

Finding a partner or sponsor

This is a mandatory requirement for various legal structures of the companies. Helpline Group finds the most suitable partner, according to the nature of your business.

Business Set-up Stage

The sector you are interested to invest in and the nature of your business derive the procedure for your business setup. Helpline Group offers comprehensive company formation services and takes care of all the formalities to set-up your business in Bahrain.

License Registration

Our company registration services include registering your company for applicable taxes. We also help you to acquire necessary licenses from the local, regional and national authorities.

The Helpline Group is the one stop solution for all your business service needs of business setup in bahrain. Due to stringent norms and regulations regarding business formation in Bahrain. Business setup in Bahrain is vital for you to have an expert on your side. With our expertise and experience in company formation, we can assist you to form and run your business smoothly in Bahrain.

Limited Liability Company

Foreign citizens can form various types of LLCs in Bahrain:

  • According to the Commercial Companies Law 2001, a foreign national can of a Single Person Company. The process of company formation and nature of the business needs to be as per this law.
  • With Limited Liability Company (BCS) can be formed by at least two shareholders and two directors. They need to appoint a local manager to handle routine activities. The name of such a company should be unique, should conclude with W.L.L.
  • For the investment ideas on a larger scale, for larger projects, at least two shareholders, two directors and a resident manager can form Bahrain Shareholding Company. This type of company can opt for a public share subscription.
Branch Office:
The foreign companies can set up a Branch Office in balance without setting up a subsidiary unit. This type of company can be fully owned by foreign nationals. Business activities allowed as per Limited Liability Company for foreign citizens can be carried out.
Commercial Agency:
A person or company from Bahrain can be appointed as the commercial agent by foreign companies. Commercial Agencies can provide services or distribute goods on behalf of the parent company.
Representative Trade Office:
The foreign companies interested in conducting research, survey and promote their business in the Bahrain local community can form a Representative Trade Office in Bahrain. This type of company is not allowed to engage in any profit making activity.
General Partnership Company:
At least two members of the board of directors and promoters, serving the partners with the fullest liability extending to their personal assets, can form a General partnership company. This is not a suitable legal structure for Financial, Banking and Insurance sectors. The name of such a company should include the title of one or more partners.
Limited Share Partnership Company:
Two or more partners can come together to form this type of company. This includes Limited Partners with the liability to the extent of their investment and General Partners with the library to the extent of their personal assets. The general partners take care of routine managerial activities.
Holding Company:
The investors interested to gain managerial control over subsidiaries that can be Bahrain based or foreign companies can form a Holding Company. The motto of such a business is to buy more than 51% of shares of the other companies to control them.
Joint Venture:
Two organizations for entities enter into an agreement to work for a common objective and form a joint venture. A Joint Venture cannot get the status of a legal entity in Bahrain. This can be dissolved after the expiry of the contract, achieving the target or in case of any legal complications.