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Company Formation Simplified

Business Incorporation Services across the world
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Certificate Attestation Services

Attestation services in Europe, US, India and Gulf Regions

Visa Processing Services

Visa services offered across the Gulf and European, regions.
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Company Formation

Certificate Attestation

Visa Services and More

Our Services

Company Formation & Sponsorship

We provide assistance to our Clients with Company Formation Services under any of the business structures like 100 % ownership, W.L.L. / Shareholding, Branch, Commercial Agencies, Representative Trade Agency, General / Limited Partnership, Holding Company and Joint Venture, in Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Oman, and Saudi. Call Now…

PRO Services

We provide PRO and related Professional Services to both national and multinational companies with utmost efficiency and precision. As a provider of PRO Services, we become your contact with government departments and advise you on right course of action in all cases like dealing with documents in LMRA, Immigration, other government departments and avoid risk of fines by renewing documents before the due date. Call Now…

Certificate Attestation

We provide assistance in getting Apostille / Attestation of all kinds of documents (personal, educational and commercial) in over 100 Countries including India, U.S.A, UK, Canada, Philippine, Switzerland, Australia etc… We collaborate strategically and operationally with our business tie-up agents all over the world and thus we offer best and feasible service at the easiest.

Good Standing Certificate

Around the word, we offer assistance in getting Good Standing Certificate. This particular document is a vital one as this exhibits the personality before the respective authority in the goal country. So with this document only,the individuals can make their immigration process much smoother and easier.

Apostille Services

Bahrain is a member of the Hague Apostille Convention and any official document intended for use in any Hague Convention nation requires an Apostille.  It is an extensive certificate confirmation method and now it is applied in around 100 nations.  We provide effective assistance and guidance for Certificate Apostille to various aspirants in snatching their goals via vast network of professionals and guides.

Embassy Services

We assist with Embassy Services related mainly with Educational Documents like Educational Certificates. Transcripts, Transfer Certificate etc.., Personnel Documents like Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Divorce Certificate etc.., and Commercial Documents like Company Documents, Power of Attorney, Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, Partnership Deed etc.

Notary Attestation

Notarization is the first step in document verification and we provide assistance in this service through a certified lawyer specifically on affidavits, Declarations, Undertakings, Power of Attorney, True Copy etc… for making the document legalized for further actions.

Visa Stamping Services

We provide assistance in getting Visa Stamping in Saudi for Employment, Business & Family visas and in Kuwait for Employment & Family visas with extensive expertise and choose our services for swift, specialised, and safe results. Visa Stamping is a process which confirms whether your visa is included in your passport page.

Translation Services

Both individuals and corporate entities can get the specialised translation services mainly with Personal Documents like marriage, death & birth certificates and Commercial Documents like Deeds, Power of Attorney, invoices & other company documents, for immigration and employment purposes. We deal with document translation in 100 plus languages like Arabic, French, Italian, English, Chinese, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian etc… 

PAN Card Services

As a multi – national agency, we can help our clients in getting their Indian PAN Card from any region. PAN card is a compulsory document for buying a car or property, investing in the stock market or converting your Indian rupees to foreign currency. The Permanent Account Number (PAN) card is one of the most important documents nowadays.

Credential Evaluation Services

We offer professional Credential Evaluation services to individual clients, companies, public and private schools, colleges and universities, various licensing boards, immigration attorneys, and government agencies through analysis and academic equivalency certification of their foreign educational credentials to that of the United States (or Canadian) educational systems.

Good Standing Certificate for Nurses

Through a good standing certificate, we can confirm a person’s legitimate behavior and obedience to local regulations and standard behavior in a society. This document is unavoidable for getting a job in the other countries like Australia, Ireland etc…and it must be issued from the places they have lived and worked.

Nursing Registration Renewal

Our highly skilled and competent team can help the nurses, with their profession related issues and been at the forefront of ensuring optimal services for nursing registration renewal. Registration renewal is important because it gives you the recognition of your professional qualification and it unites all related persons, allowing you to raise voice for your patients, clients and the community.

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Helpline Group is one of the most popular agencies in the Middle East that has managed to create a reputation for itself with it’s effective services in the field of certificate attestation, company formation, legal translations etc. Helpline Group possess an efficient and dedicated team that guides the clients with effective solutions and works hard in delivering services as per the needs and requirements of the clients.
With the able assistance of it’s hardworking staff, Helpline Group has successfully chartered a new era in delivering efficient services and has successfully created a new gateway for ensuring efficient services for clients.

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