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Bahrain is one of the biggest hubs in the world that has been at the forefront of delivering excellence in services, trade and commercial activities. The local administration and authorities have initiated positive steps regarding the formation of company and has enabled to give wings to the dreams of various entrepreneurs and aspirants. It has been successful in creating opportunities for clients in various businesses such as real estate, financial services, information technology etc.

What is the process of registering your company in Bahrain?

Some of the Company Formation Steps in Bahrain that are initiated for the registration of company are as follows

  • Selecting a Legal Structure

This is the first step that has to be initiated for the registration by choosing a suitable business entity.

  • Choosing a Unique Company name

A unique company name has to be chosen as per the guidelines that are given by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MOCI).

  • Commercial Registration

This step involves the submission of necessary documents for the registration of company or enterprise. The Company registration process is different for various companies and investors.

  • For individual establishments, the Company registration is done at Bahrain Investors Centre (BIC).
  • For companies/organizations, the registration is done at the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MOCI).
  • Licensing and Approval

Though commercial businesses are permitted to start their work after approval from MOCI, certain businesses should obtain various license relating to environment, pollution etc in order to get the final approval from authorities.


Bahrain has business friendly environment that makes it a go to go destination for clients and provides a suitable business environment for various investors. Even the local authorities in Bahrain have been extremely considerate and co-operative and has played an important role in  shaping  the business culture of the nation. Some of the peculiarities Company registration are as follows

  • 100 % foreign ownership
  • Lower operating costs
  • Business friendly tax laws
  • Modern financial services