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PRO Services in Bahrain|Mandoob services for expatriates

Are you looking for the best Bahrain PRO services for your individual or business needs? We offer a wide-range of Mandoob/Public Relation Officer Services in Bahrain.

  • You can get Mandoob services for legal, immigration, labour, economy and various other tasks
  • We have a strong and effective network of professionals and clientele in Bahrain
  • We offer annual and term plans for expatriates and corporate clients

Let us go through the diversified services we offer. You would understand how our services can prove to be helpful for your businesses.

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PRO Services refers to different types of governmental activities such as visa applications, labor cards, trade licensing, etc. These services are established to cater to the different demands as well as the requirements of the clients and help them get on with their official duties.



Some of the benefits that PRO has managed to provide for an organization are as follows

  • Reducing the cost of document clearance and processing
  • Reduces the need for an in-house administrative department in the company.
  • It provides complete transparency in the working of an organization and helps in planning things meticulously.
  • It creates a trouble-free operation of the document and conducts the entire documentation process in a hassle-free manner.
  • There is proper functioning of the organization and also it helps to remove the burden of the organization regarding different processes and their due dates.
  • It helps to save a considerable amount of time for the organization and helps them to avoid unnecessary hassles dealing with the documentation process.

Our PRO/Mandoob Services are available for both individuals and companies.

PRO or Mandoob Services in Bahrain for expatriates:

A team of talented professionals are available that assist you with tedious paperwork for various tasks. From a hassle-free immigration of your family members to a variety of other official tasks are handled promptly by our executives.

Here are some major PRO services we offer to expatriates in Bahrain:

  • Translation and attestation of documents.
  • Health Certificate from the Medical Commission
  • Fingerprinting
  • Visa services for your spouse, kids, relatives and friends
  • Housemaid Visa and its timely renewal
  • Work Visa or Visit Visa and its timely renewal
  • Residential Permit and its renewal in time.

PRO or Mandoob Services in Bahrain for corporate clients:

We are committed to saving your valuable time, energy and money through the wide range of PRO Services for your companies. Here are major PRO Services we offer to the corporate clients:

  • Attestation of company documents and translation in various target languages
  • Registration of your Company, Brand, Trademark, Product, Patent and Copyright
  • Renewal of Commercial or Municipal Documents
  • Chamber of Commerce Subscription and its renewal
  • Alterations in company documents along with their attestation
  • Changes in your Memorandum of Association or Partnership Deed including change in name of a partner, change in capital amount
  • Labour Contracts for hiring human resource and its timely renewal
  • Work Permit and Visa for the employees sponsored by your company


Helpline Group is one of the few dedicated agencies in Bahrain that has functioned efficiently according to the modern-day requirements of an organization. It has facilitated easy documentation as well as created an easy gateway for many entrepreneurs to pursue their aspirations. With the help of its relentless hard-work and focussed work, Helpline Group has created a space for itself in the field of PRO Services and has reached a peak position.

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Let us assist you today to take your business motives further:

If you want any further information about our services, feel free to leave a message on your left. You can also get in touch with us using the given numbers. Our executives are also accessible through WhatsApp. We would be happy to help you to resolve your queries and let you know what best we can do for you.