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Company Formation Services in Canada

Are you interested in starting a business in Canada? Learn the most effective and lawful ways to register your business in Canada through us.

  • We suggest the most favorable legal structure for your business in Canada
  • Our team of professionals would assist you with all the paperwork and procedures
  • We render our expert advice and services for business setup as per your requirements

Check out our service portfolio that can prove to be beneficial for your business in Canada.

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Being a developed economy in the North American region, Canada attracts foreign investors in various sectors. It would be vital to understand requirements as per the Corporate Law in the country; and choose the right methodology for company formation in Canada.
Canada is a strong open-market economy, and Corporate Laws in the country are tedious to understand for the newcomers. We act as your strategic partner for precise paper work, expert advice regarding legal structures based on your own business goals, representation to register a company and various other services such as Apostille, Document Attestation, Authentication of documents, Translation and Transcription.

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Company Formation Steps in Canada

Your business needs to have a unique name. We would assist you to check the availability of the proposed name and with the further procedures for registration.

Finding a Canadian Partner:

It is the legal and mandatory requirement to seek support from a local Canadian partner to set-up your business in Canada. This is an important requirement and we would play a crucial role in finding the most appropriate partner for your business. We understand your business motives and utilize our effective network in the corporate sector to find the right partner or sponsor for your business in Canada.

Acquiring a Business Number (BN):

This is a unique nine digit number that represents your company on a long term. In Quebec it is known as ‘ Quebec Enterprise Number’ (NEQ)

Federal or Provincial Incorporation:

It is vital to decide whether the business needs to be registered with the federal authorities, or would you like to go for a Provincial Incorporation. Accordingly, our executive would assist you to complete all the paperwork and procedures for your business incorporation in Canada.

Tax & License Registration:

As per your capital investment and the annual turnover, your business requires registration under the applicable tax. Similarly, you may require additional licenses to operate your business in Canada.

Promise on Quality and Reliability

Our highest priority is in ensuring our commitments are met, and we deliver our promises on time. Hence, you can be assured that your company formation activities will be completed on time, as per your requirements.

Legal Structures of the Company in Canada

Canada has stringent norms and strict corporate laws regarding the incorporation of a company in the country.

Following are the legal structures of the companies allowed in Canada:

Sole Partnership

This type of company is formed by a single owner, with unlimited liability and responsibility for all the activities of the company in Canada. The sole partner is held responsible for all the benefits, losses and obligations related to the company.

Partnership Firm

Two or more individuals can form a partnership firm through a contract or agreement declaring their roles and responsibilities. The partners can utilize their resources and investments as per the business needs.

  • Partners with unlimited liability towards the business can form a General Partnership Company
  • One General partner and one Limited partner can form a Limited Partnership
  • Partners with the liability to the extent of their personal contribution in the business can form a Limited Liability Partnership.
Branch Office:

The foreign companies can set up branch offices in Canada appointing local agents to carry out the business activities. This branch offices need to be registered with the particular province where they are operating. The restrictions on the business activities may vary according to the province.


This type of a company can be a legal entity that can engage in diversified sectors, with a liability to the extent of investment in the business. Corporations can complete a Federal or Provincial Registration according to the nature of business and territorial range. The corporations can avail different tax benefits. At the same time, these types of companies need to follow the stringent regulations regarding their management, applicable taxes, shares and much more.

Joint Ventures:

Two or more companies can form joint ventures to an agreement, operating according to the Act of Investment in Canada. These companies work for common business objective and their roles and responsibilities are described in the contract or agreement.


People can get together to serve different objectives such as manufacturing a product, rendering a service, charity and so on forming a cooperative. Consumer Cooperative, Producer Cooperative, Worker Cooperative & Multi-stakeholder are the recognized forms of Cooperatives in Canada. These Cooperatives are operated in a democratic manner and the members can choose the Managing Committee.