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Why do you Need Nursing Registration Renewal?

Bahrain, officially the Kingdom of Bahrain, is an island country in the Persian Gulf. Every nursing registration comes with a limited validity and one has to renew it time-to-time. It can be a challenging process when away from the original location of registration. The History of International and Corporate services helps to understand the problems those are faced on daily basis. Therefore, there is a properly designed comprehensive Nurse Registration Renewal program to support the needs for renewing the nursing registration.

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The ‘National Health Regulatory Authority ‘ is the authority that is responsible for the registration of nurses in Bahrain. It is used to regulate the functioning of the healthcare system as well as the needs of the medical professionals in Bahrain. The registration is done for a fixed duration of time period after which it needs to be renewed periodically.



  • The person must have a nationally recognized qualification.
  • The qualification must be in accordance with the medical standard’ and also must be recognized by the authorities.
  • The duration and content of the study-specific to the medical practice must be specified.
  • The certificates must be approved by NHRA to obtain a permit to practice in Bahrain.



Educational qualification

  • The Ministry Of Education In Bahrain / Higher Educational Council must have nationally recognized qualification.
  • Qualification must be issued by institutions/colleges recognized in home country.
  • At the entry level, minimum qualification requirement is high school certificate as per country specific education.
  • Qualifications are analyzed in accordance to the following criteria:
  1. The country and institution from which the qualification was awarded.
  2. The level of national/international recognition of the qualification
  3. The duration and content of the study, and the presence of clinical practice or practical training
  4. Qualification obtains through honorary nature, correspondence or distance learning is not counted towards the PQR requirements.
  5. Qualifications not mentioned in this document may be evaluated and reviewed NHRA, which may grant the applicant with the appropriate title.

Professional Experience

  • The applicant experience must be relevant to the category applied for and must have been accomplished in an appropriate setting licensed by the professional regulatory and licensing authority in the country of practice.
  • Bahraini nationals, new graduates are not subject to from experience requirements for basic entry level
  • Non-Bahraini residents of Bahrain may not subject to from experience requirements for basic entry level after the approval of the Supreme Council of Health.
  • All other applicants are required to fulfill experience as per their relevant titles according to the PQR.
  • The applicant must be registered and have a valid professional license to practice, or registration from home country or country of last employment.
  • The applicant must provide evidence of meeting the minimum required experiences for the applied title.
  • Good Standing Certificate must meet the following requirements
  • Valid and not older than Six months at the time of application for licensure
  • Issued by the professional regulatory and licensing authority in the countries of last employment.
  • NHRA may request more evidence or conduct investigations if consider necessary to prove the status of good conduct of the healthcare professional.
  • The applicant must declare that he/she has never been convicted with any legal cases, medical malpractice during his/her of the healthcare profession or he/she is currently under investigation.

Well, it may sound involving too many processes but if you hire an expert then they can guide you in this respect so that you have your documents within your reach and that too at the said time.


For a new medical practitioner, while migrating to Bahrain, Helpline Group helps them with their registration process and helps them to embark on their medical career in Bahrain without any hassles. It has the services of a highly qualified and professional legal team that has enabled to create a system where one can avail their services smoothly and efficiently. Helpline Group makes the complex services much simpler and helps in easy facilitation of essential services among clients.

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