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Bahrain Good Standing Certificate (PCC)

Bahrain, being the smallest Asian country as per the area, is formed by the set of islands in the Persian Gulf. Officially, the country is known as ‘The Kingdom of Bahrain’.

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Meaning of Bahrain Police Clearance Certificate:

In order to prove the stay in the State of Bahrain, Police clearance certificate plays a vital role. This important document is also known as:

  • Good Conduct Certificate
  • Extracts of the Judicial Record
  • Good Citizen Certificate

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) issues the Police Clearance after verifying the records of the particular citizen or expatriate. This certificate confirms the good moral character of the candidate. The Criminal Investigation Department refers to the records and certifies that the candidate was never involved in any illegal or criminal activity. So, for any international connection, including long-term employment abroad, a Good Conduct Certificate is one of the most essential judicial records. The concerned authority issues the Police Clearance only if the person has resided in Bahrain for more than a period of 6 months.



Our Police Clearance Certificate Services are available from the following countries:






South Africa


Hong Kong




Antigua and Barbuda

St. Vincent




The documents necessary to acquire a Police Clearance Certificate:

The following supporting documents should be enclosed along with the application, to obtain PCC from Bahrain:

  • Passport copies of the applicant, including all the sealed pages
  • Visa copy of the applicant
  • Copy of Bahrain CPR
  • Recent Passport Size Photographs of the candidate – 4 Nos.
  • Police Clearance Certificate Undertaking Form
  • Fingerprints printed on the CIDE Application issued by the Bahrain Government.

The important reasons to obtain a Bahrain Police Clearance Certificate:

Following are the purposes for which it would be necessary, rather mandatory to acquire and produce Bahrain Police Clearance Certificate:

  • For long-term employment abroad
  • It is an essential documentation for hassle-free immigration
  • PCC is required to get Entry Visas for several countries
  • The Good Conduct Certificate is essential to obtain Resident Visa
  • An essential document for international students that stay abroad for Higher Education
  • The investors or entrepreneurs migrating abroad for business reasons would need this document as a proof of their good moral character
  • PCC is sometimes requested by the employers.
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