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Bahrain is one of the fastest growing economies across the world and has one of the highest GDP/capita rates. The local administration in Bahrain have successfully managed to create an efficient business infrastructure that has given opportunities for different types of businesses. By diversifying into various businesses, it has managed to generate employment opportunities for qualified persons.


Bahrain is one of the few nations that has a diversified business sector. Some of the different business opportunities in Bahrain are as follows

Banking and Finance Sector

It is one of the leading sectors in the world that has played an important role in the financial network across the country and has catered to the needs of various migrants. Overall, it contributes to around 17% of the total economy of the country.

Construction & Real Estate

Construction and Real Estate is one of the leading industries in Bahrain with a direct monopoly of government sector over it. It contributes almost 8% of the total economy and generates huge number of employment opportunities for skilled and unskilled workforce.

Tourism & Hospitality

This industry is another one of the leading industries across the world and has contributed directly in creating employment opportunities to large number of workforce and has become a major contributor in the economy of the nation.

Retailing Industry

This is one of latest forms of business that has managed to form a connection with the natives in Bahrain due to their efficient and budget friendly products. It has contributed directly in delivering efficient services for clients within a fixed budget and has managed to win the trust of its customers within a short duration of time.