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Saudi Arabia Visa Services

Visa is a mandatory document that is compulsory before entering the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is a valid document that helps the local authorities in knowing the purpose of the visit of the person and ensures proper background check of the person. The saudi arabia visa acts as a permit given to the person to visit the country and ensures that person be liable to obey the rules of the country during the period of stay.

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Saudi Arabia visa is globally one of the largest exporter of crude oil and thereby has created ample of opportunities for people across the globe in different domains such as engineering, Information technology, financial services etc. It has emerged as one of the biggest economies across the world and created a path of development in the country due to the active support from local administration.



In order to visit Saudi Arabia, it is important to procure a visa from the Embassy and also specify the reason for the visit . The different types of visa’s that are provided are as follows


In order to enter the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it is mandatory to procure a valid employment visa. It authorises the necessary permit in order to work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Some of the documents that are required for procuring employment visa are as follows

  • Court Order in support of the Recruitment office
  • Copy of Identity card of the person
  • Compulsory Medical check-up of candidates


If you intend to visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for commercial and business purposes, it is mandatory to obtain a business visa for the same. Some of the documents that are required are as follows

  • Original Passport
  • Copy of Commercial Registration certificate
  • Passport size photographs

Some of the other types of saudi arabia visa that are commonly used are

  • Visit Visa
  • Re –Entry Visa
  • Family and Residence Visa

In order to get a proper guidance regarding the saudi arabia visa services, it is important to consult an appropriate agency for the same.

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