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Oman Visa Services


Are you looking forward to travel to Oman for your business or do you wish to seek employment in reputed firms in Oman.

We at Helpline Group helps you in processing your documents and helps you in procuring the visa within a short period of time. It helps you in getting the entire documents ready within a minimum time period and covers the entire process within a fixed budget.

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Over the past couple of years, Oman has risen and positioned itself as one of the global destination for business, commerce and trade. It has large influx of expat population that created ample of opportunities in the field of trade and business. Oman also has an efficient administration that ensures the setting up of proper business environment.

Due to rapid development and industrialisation,Helpline Group has witnessed an increase in the number of visitors to Oman. It is necessary to obtain a visa in order to visit Oman for personal as well as for business reasons.


Some of the different types of visa that has been issued by Embassy of Oman are follows

  • Oman Tourist Visa

Single entry visa is valid for a period of one month and is provided to visitors who come to Oman for the purpose of tourism

  • Multiple Entry Visa

The Visa is applicable to applicants from approved countries and also to the diplomats from the GCC council. It requires a request by a local sponsor and is valid for a duration of three months.

  • Family Residence Visa

This visa allows the spouse and children of the foreign residents of Oman to stay for a period of two years.

  • Employment Visa

This visa can only be availed by persons between the age of 21 and 60 and is provided at the behest of a local sponsorto those who intend to seek employment in Oman.

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Despite the presence of numerous agencies in the market, it is mandatory to find a suitable agency in terms of budget, efficiency and quality. Over the years,Helpline Group in Oman has positioned itself as an efficient agency that has been able to provide quality services for clients thereby ensuring that the needs and requirements of clients are fulfilled within a fixed cost.