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Are you aspiring to seek employment or establish your firm in Kuwait. We the staff at Helpline Group helps you with the entire documentation process and creates a system that enables the clients from all across the globe to procure services within a minimum budget.

The staff at Helpline Group will ensure that the visa services are provided in an efficient manner and helps the client to undergo any sort of unnecessary hassles.

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Kuwait is a country that has one of the highest GDP/capita rates across the world and has emerged as the biggest global destination in terms of trade, business, hospitality and tourism.

Due to the active support from the local administration, Kuwait has become of the biggest centres for aspirants seeking a job or starting a business. However, it is quite important to procure a valid visa in order to visit Kuwait for both official and personal reasons.



Just as the case in many GCC countries, the most commonly used visa services are asfollows


This Visa is authorised by the authorities to those applicants that have been permitted to work in Kuwait. Some of the documents that are mandatory while procuring the employment visa are as follows

  • Original Visa
  • Valid Passport
  • Medical Clearance certificate
  • PCC attested by MEA & Kuwait Embassy
  • PCC attested by Passport office
  • Passport size photograph



This Visa is authorised only for limited time period as well as for those intending to visit Kuwait as a tourist. Some of the important documents required for Tourist Visa are as follows

  • Passport size photograph
  • One copy and original of passport
  • Completely filled application form



As Kuwait has developed itself as one of the biggest global centres in world trade and economy, it attracts a lot of clients and business persons daily for various purposes and hence makes it absolutely necessary to permit a visiting visa for the clients. Some of the documents that are required for Visit visa are as follows

  • Passport size photograph
  • Current bank statement
  • Copy of travel insurance
  • Valid Passport


In order to get the visa documented quickly and within a considerable budget, it is necessary to consult a good agency.

the years, Helpline Group in Kuwait has provided every possible help for clients and has enabled a helping hand for the society with their efficiency, dedication and excellence.


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