Why do you Need Certificate Attestation for USA?

What are the procedures for getting your certificate attestation?

Procedures for certificate attestation vary with different countries. However, the basic structure of the process is almost same everywhere. Here, you will have a glimpse of how to get your certificates attested for USA.

  • US Notary Attestation, it comes first
  • Then there is the legalization of the documents by the State Departments from USA
  • Then there needs to be the Embassy Attestation of the home country from USA.
  • Then attestation from the foreign department is taken from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Although the basic flow chart of certificate attestation is approximately the same everywhere, at times the rules and regulations vary from country to country. Therefore the applicant surely needs experts’ advice.

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What are the documents required for certificate attestation for USA


The documents you must need to submit for the certificate attestation for USA are as follows:

  1. Final Transcripts/ Mark sheets

This means the highest educational qualification or degree should match with your provided mark sheets or transcripts. To be precise, if the applicant has mentioned Masters as his or her highest qualification, transcript or mark sheet of that degree should be presented. Presenting documents of lower degree can actually cancel the application.

  1. University Verification Letter

The verification letter issued by the University to which the applicant is applying should be presented during the time of attestation procedure, dialing which the application would be considered as invalid.

  1. Passport Copy of the candidate

A photocopy of the first and last page of candidate’s passport is an essential requirement for the certificate attestation for USA.

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